1. Your carpets have been strategically positioned

Funny office picture of a dingy office with scatter rugs

2. You're stuck in the 90s

Funny office picture of an outdated 80s executive office

3. You catch your clients doing one of these

4. Your lighting could use some work

Funny office picture of a man wearing thick lensed glasses in a dingy messy office

5. You're introducing shabby chic to the corporate world

Funny office picture of a desk and bookshelf against a cracked unfinished plaster wall

6. Is everyone cozy?

Funny office picture of people in a messy crowded office

If you think your office needs some serious renovation help, share these funny office pictures with the person in charge! (If you are the person in charge, contact Beatties and we'll help your office go from the butt of jokes to the place everyone wants to work!)

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