#1. Need coffee now.

Free coffee (both decaf and high octane) is our number one way to boost production! A Keurig® coffee machine is a simple solution—pair it with barista-style break room design for even greater impact.

#2. Show your personality.

Create a space that reflects your company and is fun. This can be done with colour, furniture and art.

#3. Collaborate.

If your office doesn't have a dedicated collaboration space, you can make your break room do double duty. Create conversation corners and make sure there's places to record ideas, but put the focus on fun, not only to inspire creativity among collaborators but to give a place to chill for those seeking a place for a true break.

#4. Healthy munchies.

Just say "no" to the 3 p.m. blood sugar crash! Make your break room a healthy refueling zone, stocked with the right type of food to keep the team going strong!


The best break, research tells us, is one that allows us to disconnect from our work tasks so we can return to them refreshed and ready to focus. Your break room shouldn't remind people of work—because usually that brilliant idea comes when we're doing something completely different.

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