Everything you need to protect your employees and those you serve.

Returning to work after a global health crisis can be nerve wracking. Put your employees and customers at ease with this selection of protective barriers. Together, we can all make this transition back into our daily routines easier and safer.



• Products which create division + social distancing

• Quick-ship + easy assembly home office packages

• Materials – easy to clean, bleach cleanable non porous hard surfaces, antimicrobial and antibacterial

• Anti-bacterial technology integrated into products and materials: Silver ion, UV/Blue Light,Nanotechnology, Copper infused

• Sanitation products integrated into all work settings

• Agile furniture for flexibility in the open plan in conference and meeting rooms

• Leasing vs buying furniture

• Hands-free adjustment features


• Benching workstations

• Open workstations with no screens

• High density meeting rooms + spaces

• Soft + porous materials

• Products with a lot of seams or metal folds

• High contact unassigned spaces

• Shared storage and unassigned lockers

• Personal belongings and bags set on floor



COVID-19 Desk Adjustments


Choose which layout closely resembles your current workstations to see improvement ideas:

A) Freestanding panels or B) Freestanding height adjustable tables
A) Fixed work-surface or B) Legs with no panels/open underneath
A) Height adjustable work-surface or B) Height adjustable legs that are integrated into a center beam
A) Power fence spine or B) Collaborative areas between people
A) Freestanding panels or B) Freestanding height adjustable tables
Private office



• Add 24”H hard surfaced stacker on all panels or center beam and around 3-side of the adjustable or fixed table

• Increase size of primary work-surface or rotate desks to create distance

• Replace work-surfaces with non-porous material and seamless edges

• Retrofit adjustable handset on height adjustable tables to hands-free

• Replace soft seating collaborative areas with hard surface tables and chairs that can be cleaned easily or with antimicrobial, vinyl, crypton, copper infused textiles already in market

• Add free-standing, hard surface space dividers in high density areas Add tall laminate gallery panels to workstations or benching stations

• Add additional storage or divider on top of 21” or 29”H storage to create a higher barrier

• Add a drawer for keyboard and mouse when station is not in use

• Sanitation caddies and stands for wipes, hand-sanitizers in every work setting

• Laminate open storage caddy for personal contents

• Replacement arm caps on task and conferencing chairs which are easy to clean and antibacterial

• Protective covers for task chair adjustment levers



• Healthcare materials and surfaces to be applied to office products

• Quick ship easy to assemble home office packages

• Addition of anti-bacterial agents to existing materials

• Bleach cleanable products that meet the office design aesthetics

• Soft seating that have a solid surface or poly arm cap options


• Task chairs with an anti-bacterial and self-sanitizing textiles and fewer adjustment mechanisms

• More hands-fee adjustment mechanisms

• Silver Ion, Nanotechnology integrated into high touch products to kill bacteria automatically

• Reduction of seams and folds on products

Need a custom solution? Not sure where to start?

Our free office space consultation can help with your return-to-work. Beatties designers and furniture specialists will work with you to develop a solution or reconfiguration to ensure your team or customers are protected.


Provide your employees and customers with a protective barrier to help prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

Designed to integrate into reception, open plan offices and point of sale areas. Made from clear acrylic, these screens are easy to wipe clean and sanitize to help maintain a healthy environment.

Loftwall Freestanding Sneeze Guards

  • 0.25” thick screen
  • Multiple screens can be linked together
  • Can be anchored to surface or free standing
  • Aluminum frame made with 75% recycled content
  • Frame and panels can be recycled
  • Easy pass through windows
  • Variety of sizes and styles available
  • Starting at $249

Deflecto Freestanding Sneeze Guards

  • 5mm thick screen
  • Freestanding, easy to move and reposition in a variety of countertop settings
  • Easy pass through windows available
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Starting at $189.99
Handsome man in his 30’s stands at a office reception desk and speaks to a female receptionist. She is sitting at her desk and the man may be a client, customer, or a socializing co-worker. Office setting
An adult man bank customer making a financial transaction with a bank teller over the counter in a retail bank. The woman caucasian bank teller is smiling and cheerfully providing the customer service. Photographed behind the shoulder of the customer in a horizontal format.

NSS Freestanding Sneeze Guards

  • Quick setup
  • 5mm thick screen
  • Freestanding, easy to move and reposition in a variety of countertop settings
  • Easy pass through window
  • Ideal for interviews, personnel screening, bank tellers, retail cashiers and border patrol
  • 30”H x 30”W x 9”D
  • $279.99

Global Contract Sneeze Guards

  • Quick setup
  • 5mm thick screen
  • Aluminum extruded post and mounting bracket painted in Designer White
  • Elevated panel mount allows for document pass through
  • Several mounting options allow the screens to be easily secured and removed without damaging the existing furniture or used as a permanent fixture
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Starting at $299.99
Easily clamps onto work surface
Easily clamps onto work surface
Screws in place
Screws in place
Free standing board mounted
Free standing board mounted

We're here to help.

Every checkout, reception, or service area is different and our designers and furniture specialists will work with you to develop a custom solution to ensure your team or customers are protected. Need to reconfigure your office layout? We do that too.